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The products available, from controlrooms GmbH have been developed based on than 25 years of expertise. They prioritize ergonomics, flexibility and a timeless design that ensures durability.
The evolution of controlrooms showcases an array of features and opportunities for expansion.
Experience the controlrooms Warrior offering a system with a screen designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The compact design of the controlrooms compact seamlessly integrates functionality, within space.

Our services for your projects.

Precisely fitting and customised production of all components in the
controlrooms GmbH factories.

Assembly and integration:
Setting up the system landscape,
Integration and commissioning

3D visualisation
Realistic visualisation
of the overall concept and
individual components

Project planning.
Definition of the performance features
on the basis of the technical and
operational requirements

Needs analysis
Overall concept development
Service and maintenance


Emergency response agencies

The command centers, for fire departments, police and emergency services.The round the clock staffed command centers of government agencies and security organizations. Share a goal; to provide dispatchers with a secure workspace.

Various control equipment and communication systems must be easily accessible. Meet standards, with large screens for clear visibility. To accommodate communication technologies it is crucial to have the flexibility for expansion that seamlessly integrates into the system at a superior level.

With experience spanning decades controlrooms GmbH specializes in designing and implementing advanced systems. We grasp the needs of your emergency organization. Develop a functional and appealing command center, for your team.

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