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Complete Solutions for Your Entire Conference Room Project:

“Improving Your Senses”
At Controlrooms GmbH we revolutionize how you perceive sound, sight, communication and your overall interaction, with the environment. By utilizing state of the art media tools we elevate involvement, to a whole new level. Our strategy is inventive targeted, and aimed at leaving a lasting impression.

Discover the Controlrooms GmbH Experience in 4 Steps Controlrooms GmbH is your expert in sophisticated media, presentation, and conference room technology, catering to everything from compact meeting spaces to expansive congress halls. We also specialize in advanced smart home solutions for private residences and offer an extensive selection of premium entertainment electronics.


What is important, to you? At controlrooms GmbH we focus on this question throughout our project workflow. Through a consultation we evaluate your existing situation taking into account elements like the ambiance of the space connectivity options, natural lighting and other aspects. We meticulously document your preferences. Needs to guarantee that the end result is perfectly customized to meet your requirements.


From the insights we gather during our initial assessment, we develop a personalized plan that includes a curated selection of appropriate products and a detailed cost analysis. To enhance your decision-making process, we provide high-quality 3D visualizations, allowing you to preview and immerse yourself in the envisioned room experience before it becomes a reality.


We are excited that our concepts have connected with you! It’s now time to implement them and make sure they align with your vision. We will lead you through each phase of the project execution overseeing the setup and coding to guarantee an operation. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries, along the way for a journey, from beginning to end.


Our services and products stand the test of time due, to our dedication, to excellence that goes beyond the setup. Our experienced team is always ready to support and upkeep your notch solutions guaranteeing their longevity and efficiency.

Assortment for conference rooms

  • Projectors
  • Displays
  • LCD-Videowalls
  • LED-Videowalls
  • Screens
  • Media control
  • Public address systems
  • Microphones
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Barco Clickshare
  • Spotlights
  • Mounting Systems
  • Cables & Adapters
  • Event technology

What is ClickShare?

ClickShare is an award-winning wireless conferencing system designed for effortless video conferencing, collaboration, and presentations. It easily connects to the audio and video equipment in your conference room through your laptop, allowing you to initiate a meeting in less than 7 seconds with just a single click of the ClickShare button or a tap in the app.

ClickShare is available in three distinct versions: Wireless conferencing solutions that simplify collaboration in hybrid meetings, all-in-one video bars that deliver wireless meetings with sharp images and clear audio for hybrid settings, and wireless presentation systems that facilitate seamless content sharing in face-to-face meetings.

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