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About us

The controlrooms GmbH based in Pottenbrunn / Austria was founded in September 2011. More than 25 years of experience (EAZ) in setting up and supporting control rooms and video walls make the three company founders experts with the goal of providing professional support to all customers in a wide range of industries. Our clientele includes public security centers, racetracks, power plants, energy producers as well as companies in the fields of traffic monitoring and telecommunications.

Our extensive product range is based on the intensive cooperation with high-performance partners. From controlrooms you get LCD video walls, rear projection systems, ergonomic control desks, printer cabinets, sound-absorbing screen panels, control room chairs, lighting fixtures in state-of-the-art OLED technology and much more. In the spirit of comprehensive service, we also take care of the planning of air conditioning, lighting, floors, walls and ceilings. So, if you wish, we will be happy to act as a general partner for the installation and maintenance of your entire control room.

We will advise you on your project from the very beginning and approach the development together with you. After the realization, i.e. the setup and installation, we stay with you and are there when you need us. Our customers appreciate this and in most cases entrust us with the support of their projects on a permanent basis. Thus, our activity also includes the maintenance of the installed systems, which guarantees an extension of their useful life as well as a trouble-free and cost-effective maintenance.

The control room team introduces itself:

Erich Strasser:

Erich Strasser is the CEO of Controlrooms GmbH, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience in the control room industry. His deep knowledge spans both national and international markets, including notable engagements in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, India, Korea, Turkey, China, England, France, Russia, and Greece. Erich has held pivotal roles, including CTO and project manager for various projects, showcasing his expertise across different facets of the industry. Since assuming the role of CEO in 2019, he has also taken on global sales responsibilities. His quarter-century of technical experience significantly enhances his leadership and strategic capabilities at Controlrooms GmbH.

I am a trained webmaster/web designer, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and have been involved in online marketing for many years. I studied Online Marketing at the FH Krems. One of the many special challenges of my work for controlrooms GmbH I found to be the new standards we were allowed to set in Formula 1. With great commitment we equipped every Race Control and Media Center of the new tracks, e.g. Abu-Dhabi, Bahrain, Korea, India, Moscow, Istanbul, Spielberg with our overall concept, which consists of rear projection, software solutions, screen controllers, furniture and so on. We developed this and other projects in close cooperation with our partners and implemented them successfully on site.

Establishing Controlrooms GmbH was the realization of a profound dream for me. Despite the daily demand for my full dedication, I approach work with unwavering joy and enthusiasm. Controlrooms GmbH has significantly transformed my life, granting me the liberty to mold it in ways that align with my aspirations. My perspective on life, my approach to engagement, and my relations with others have evolved. Concerns that once dominated my thoughts, amplified by media coverage of stock market downturns, crises, recessions, pandemics like COVID-19, and eurozone bailouts, are now met with a measure of calm. I’ve learned to prioritize life’s true values, viewing these challenges with a newfound clarity.

This attitude is reflected in my work. I appreciate it when someone sets a goal and pursues it, which is why it is easy for me to understand our clients’ wishes, visualize them, implement them and also share their enthusiasm. Many customers have become very good friends in the meantime and the teamwork with Markus Miksch and our suppliers is also characterized by respect and solidarity.

Despite these meaningful words, I am actually rather a man of deeds, so I like to let them follow and accept challenges. I would like to call on all my customers, partners and friends to work towards our common success.
To you and to all of you much health, satisfaction and success; good luck!!!

Mr. Erich Strasser
e-mail: [email protected]
mobile: +43(0)664/8866 7817

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Markus Miksch

Since the foundation of controlrooms GmbH I am the managing partner of the company. I was born in 1985 in St. Pölten and am therefore the youngest controlrooms expert. After my successful completion of the HTL Matura for industrial engineering at the HTBLu.VA St. Pölten, I studied industrial engineering at the Mittweida University of Applied Science. After the HTL education and my basic military service I gained experience as a project manager for several years. Here I was partly internationally active in the areas of tunnel equipment and control room technology.

At controlrooms I am primarily responsible for project management, corporate planning, marketing and sales.

Central functions in the company:

Project management
Corporate planning
Marketing and sales
Mr. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Markus Miksch
e-mail: [email protected]
mobile: +43(0)664/8866 7818

Horst Otto Zangl

International Ambassador controlrooms & Ceo of Phoenix Football Stars

I was born on November 9 1974 in the Styria region. My childhood was filled with landscapes. After finishing school in Leibnitz I pursued a career, in football that led me to five different countries. I settled in Brazil for two decades, where I established and managed HZ Scouting & Consultancy for 15 years achieving success in the football industry.

During my time I represented players such as Ailton (formerly of Werder Bremen) Ze Elias (formerly of Inter Milan and Bayer Leverkusen) Mossoro (formerly of Sporting Braga, Basaksehir and Al Ahli Jeddah) Fabiano (formerly of Rapid Vienna, Lask Linz, Aris Saloniki and Innsbruck) and many others. My contributions were crucial in guiding FC Thun to the Champions League in 2005 with the help of three players. Several athletes under my guidance excelled on the stage by competing in leagues and tournaments.

Apart from my accomplishments in scouting and consultancy work I obtained my coaching license while in Brazil. This experience also honed my language skills as I became fluent in Portuguese and Spanish alongside my proficiency in English. These diverse linguistic abilities have enhanced both my endeavors and personal connections by allowing me to engage deeply with individuals, from backgrounds and soccer cultures worldwide.

Therefore I established Phoenix Football Stars, a company deeply involved in the sports industry and also offering business consulting services across regions, like the Arab world, Asia and South America.

Having Dubai as the epicenter of my activities and hosting my office there this renowned business hub fosters opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The recent partnership with Controlrooms GmbH initiated in 2024 involving my firm in consulting alongside the planned expansion of their successful operations on a global scale is a project that holds great significance for me. The managing directors, Mr. Strasser and Mr. Miksch not won me over with their values but also with the exceptional services and products provided by their company. A market leader in Austria poised to make its mark on the international stage through strong partnerships.

Apart from my accomplishments in scouting and consultancy work, I obtained my coaching license while in Brazil. This experience also honed my language skills as I became fluent in Portuguese and Spanish alongside my proficiency in English. These diverse linguistic abilities have enhanced both my endeavours and personal connections by allowing me to engage deeply with individuals  from backgrounds and soccer cultures worldwide.

Also, I became of several clubs like Al Ahli Jeddah, the International Director, and obtained a lot of experiences.

“We are committed to realizing this expansion step, by step.”

Central functions in the company:

International Sales Ambassador
Mr. Horst Zangl
e-mail: [email protected]
mobile: +43(0) 6509121505
Mobil VAE: +971 55 128 0035

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