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Complete Solutions for Your Entire Control Room Project:

Welcome to, where cutting edge solutions, for control rooms are revolutionizing efficiency and safety across sectors. Our specialized services cater to industries including Energy, Oil and Gas, Security, Traffic and Transportation Security, Aviation, Industry, Utilities and Broadcast and Media. These sectors require technology and robust security measures to manage complex operations.

Importance of Modern Control Rooms;

  1. Videowalls: In environments where precision and real time data’re crucial our advanced video walls offer clarity and scalability. They are indispensable for monitoring networks and handling data streams in fields such as energy, aviation and broadcast media.
  2. KVM Matrix: Enhance your workflow with our KVM matrix solutions that enable control over systems using a single set of inputs. Just one keyboard and mouse. This integration is essential for industries like oil and gas where rapid response times and multitasking are key for safety and productivity.
  3. Specialized Control Room Furniture: Ergonomics play a role in efficiency. Our crafted control room furniture supports operators during hours of work ensuring comfort while minimizing fatigue in demanding environments, like traffic security and utilities management.
  4. Cyber Security Standards: With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, high standards of cybersecurity are no longer optional but necessary. Our control room solutions are built with the highest security protocols to protect sensitive data across various sectors, including energy, industry, and security.
  5. Unified Control: The ability to manage all systems from a single interface significantly enhances operational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of error. This feature is particularly important in complex settings such as transportation and aviation, where every second counts.

Proprietary and IP Systems: At, we offer both proprietary and IP-based systems to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures, providing scalability and flexibility while ensuring that you remain at the cutting edge of technology and security.

In every sector we serve, the demand for sophisticated, reliable, and secure control room environments is clear. By integrating modern technology like videowalls, KVM matrices, and ergonomic furniture, and upholding stringent cybersecurity measures, ensures that your operations are not just managed, but mastered.

Let us help you transform your control room into a powerhouse of efficiency and security. Connect with us today to learn more about our tailored solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry.

Controlrooms GmbH leads the way in streamlining processes and environments in control rooms and trading spaces. With the world’s increasing digitalization and connectivity, the management of vital infrastructure and complex business activities becomes more intricate. Staying ahead of these challenges is crucial to ensuring a safer and more secure global landscape.

Our innovative workplace solutions are reshaping control rooms and trading areas to be more productive, comfortable and conducive to teamwork. We support individuals and businesses worldwide, empowering them to enhance security, continuity and operational reliability.

Energy, Oil and Gas
Traffic Security Transportation
Broadcast and Media

For your control room project Controlrooms GmbH offers the services;

  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Service and Support
  • Service contracts

For your control room project, Controlrooms GmbH provides comprehensive software and hardware solutions.

  • Laser Rear projection technology
  • LED Video Walls
  • LCD Video Walls
  • Large screen control
  • KVM matrix systems
  • KVM-Extenders
  • Media converters
  • Media control Audio/Video Touch Panels
  • special Control room furniture
  • special Control Room Consoles
  • digital communication solutions
  • Software Solutions (One Mouse for many applications)
  • cybersecurity
  • lighting technology
  • network technology
  • 24/7 chairs

Our partners:

“Improve Your Control Room Operations with Our Comprehensive Software/Hardware Solutions

Our package includes tools, for management and distribution as solutions for operator workspaces all aimed at boosting the efficiency and workflow of your control room operations. At the heart of our offerings is user software that seamlessly integrates with our cutting edge video walls creating a system that enhances how your operations run smoothly.

Barco CTRL software

Control Room Data Distribution Software Platform

Effortlessly deployable and intuitively designed, this software platform is perfect for managing control room data. It offers a scalable system that can expand in line with your evolving needs. Engineered with security in mind, it provides a robust solution for both video wall and operator desk applications.

Advanced Control Room Software Platform

Barco CTRL is a state-of-the-art, scalable software platform tailored for control room environments. It revolutionizes workflow efficiency, ease of deployment, and system serviceability while upholding stringent cybersecurity standards. Barco CTRL enables secure connections to data sources from any location, allowing users to effortlessly manage and interact with content displayed on any video wall or operator desk.

Effortless Setup and Unified Interface Despite its robust capabilities, Barco CTRL is remarkably simple to set up. An installation wizard guides the installer through the configuration process, ensuring a smooth setup. It serves as a unified platform for both video walls and operator desks, offering a consistent and intuitive user experience throughout the control room and extending to other operational areas.

Scalability to Meet Evolving Demands Barco CTRL is designed to adapt and scale according to your operational needs. Starting small with just a few encoders and decoders, it can expand seamlessly to support a global system. The platform includes redundancy options and other measures to minimize downtime, ensuring reliable performance as it grows.

Built with Security at the Forefront Adhering to the ‘Security by design’ philosophy, Barco CTRL integrates rigorous cybersecurity measures with user-friendly functionality. Developed with best practices such as ‘Zero Trust’ and ‘Shift Left’ strategies, it provides a secure, feature-rich solution suitable for even the most sensitive and critical environments. This makes Barco CTRL not just a tool for managing control rooms but a robust guard against potential security vulnerabilities.

The ultimate KVM over IP solution for your control room
Barco CTRL stands out as a component of our software lineup designed to meet the requirements of control room professionals. This robust platform empowers control over information flows ensuring accuracy and timeliness in data management and decision making processes.

“Simplicity, Scalability, Security: Your control room software needs are comprehensive and critical. Barco CTRL transcends traditional KVM over IP solutions, offering a platform that fulfills these essential criteria. Gain complete command of your information flow with an interface that’s straightforward and user-friendly, all crafted by experts in control room design.”

Discover the Advanced Features of TransForm N CMS
As part of our TransForm N system this state of the art control room management suite showcases capabilities. Its modular networked structure, consisting of software components facilitates video wall management fosters collaboration and speeds up decision making processes both within and, outside the control room setting.”

Barco UniSee II

  • Experience the future of visual presentations with the 55″ Barco UniSee II, a bezel-less tiled LCD video wall designed for high-brightness environments.
  • Enjoy striking visuals with HDR contrast and an expanded color gamut.
  • Benefit from unparalleled display uniformity across the entire canvas.
  • Features designed to reduce eye fatigue enhance user comfort and ergonomics.
  • Benefit from the fastest service response times in the industry.
  • A modular, future-proof platform ensures your technology remains at the cutting edge.
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Barco UniSee II: Elevate Your Visual Experience

Experience unparalleled visual clarity with the Barco UniSee II, the latest iteration of our pioneering Barco UniSee platform. This advanced LCD video wall is engineered to redefine the way critical decisions are made, enhancing visual performance to new heights. With the integration of mini-LEDs and Chip-on-Glass technology, the Barco UniSee II achieves exceptional contrast and deep blacks. Quantum dot technology further enriches this display, delivering crisp, saturated colors and outstanding uniformity. The exceptional synchronization between panels ensures a seamless, bezel-less appearance, creating a single expansive canvas for your content.

Optimized for High-Stakes Environments

Barco UniSee II is meticulously designed for critical applications where clarity and reliability are paramount. Enhanced viewer ergonomics improve viewing angles and reduce eye fatigue, making it ideal for prolonged use in demanding settings such as control rooms. In line with the need for cost-effective operations, the Barco UniSee II cuts power consumption by 20% compared to its predecessor, aligning with corporate goals to reduce operational expenses.

The signature innovative mounting structure of the Barco UniSee family guarantees flawless installation across diverse environments and simplifies maintenance processes. This not only ensures operational excellence but also significantly lowers long-term operational costs, making the Barco UniSee II a smart investment for businesses prioritizing both performance and efficiency.

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