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Control Rooms Simplified: Elevate Efficiency with Barco CTRL

Unveiling a fresh control room platform is an occasion at Barco. With the introduction of Barco CTRL we have established standards centered on three principles; simplicity, scalability and security. In the coming weeks we will explore these aspects in detail through a series of blog posts kicking off with simplicity.

Streamlined Complexity

Despite its robustness and intricacy Barco CTRL emphasizes simplicity in its structure. Our goal is to offer a system that’s easy to navigate for both users and installers concealing the underlying intricacies. Each design choice focuses on user experience aiming for operation.

User Friendly Interface

Recognizing the gap between system developers and end users is crucial. While certain designs may seem logical to developers they might appear complex to control room professionals. By collaborating with these experts we have enhanced Barco CTRLs interface to be contemporary and user centric ensuring familiarity and ease of use from the start.

Supporting System Administrators

The emphasis, on simplicity also applies to system administrators.
The user friendly interface makes it easier to handle tasks and adjust configurations simplifying responsibilities.

Freedom, at Your Desk and Diverse Sources

Barco CTRL boosts adaptability by providing features like desk independence—allowing operators to access their settings from any workstation even in different locations using just one keyboard and mouse. The system effortlessly manages source types such as web content, audiovisual materials, camera feeds and desktop applications making them easily available throughout the control room.

Smooth. Reduced Delays

The system ensures latency for response times without requiring a complete network overhaul—a common issue with other virtual systems. Barco CTRL offers real time delivery of content with accuracy matching the efficiency of a personal computer.

Comprehensive Solution for Workstations and Video Walls

Barco CTRL merges all control room operations into an environment. This integrated approach simplifies the process of updates and upgrades significantly reducing the workload for system administrators.

Adaptable Monitor Setups

Understanding that each control room operator has preferences Barco CTRL provides flexibility in monitor configurations. Operators can personalize their setups in portrait orientation landscape mode or a combination of both to suit their working styles.

Efficient Installation Procedure

Say goodbye to network configurations. Barco CTRL streamlines the installation process, with automation saving time and effort.
This simplicity extends to upkeep—swapping out hardware parts is easy ensuring the system runs efficiently.

Geared for Optimal Performance

While being straightforward Barco CTRL doesn’t compromise on performance. It operates swiftly supporting all formats and protocols.

Curious to delve or arrange a demonstration (either, in person or virtually)? Reach out to us today. Lets elevate your control room operations!

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